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~ Keeley Rose ~
St Davids

My name is Keeley Rose, I'm 27, born and bred in Tyddewi,,,
I love living here, and wouldn't change it for the world.

~ Drypoint Etching Prints ~       ~ Drypoint Etching Prints ~

After I completed a foundation in Art and Design I studied BA Fine Art in UWIC Cardiff where I specialised in printmaking. My chosen process from the beginning was drypoint. I love how clean the lines are when they are etched in. As my degree went on, so did my process. I started experimenting with colour and images.

I am St. Davids born and bred, and I chose to study my little city, as my passion for it goes beyond. I'm more interested in the structure of the city itself, street, shops and local 'hang outs' rather than the landscape and coastal scenery. In my sketchbook I include a lot of locals within the images and compared it with the social scene in New York.

The 2 different images shown here are of the Cathedral, St Davids and Broadway in New York. The concept is taking the little city and the big city and combing the two contrasting cities by using vibrant colour as the sky line. I absolutely love colour, especially vibrant and flashy colours!

Cathedral, St Davids and Broadway in New York.Cathedral, St Davids and Broadway in New York.

My process involves using plastic Perspex sheets to create the linear images, then using a rainbow roll effect over the top to produce the multi colour. Every print I do is by hand, and I find the process very thearaputic.

I am at present working on new prints, but my process is the same , vibrant colours etc.
Thanks for looking at my work.


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Drypoint etching prints for sale.
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