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Long Term Goals
We are striving towards becoming a self-sufficient social enterprise, not dependant on grants! In aid of this we are undergoing a price review, so based on 70 members we have enough income to cover a full time grower and other overheads.
In the near future we would also like to build another polytunnel to continue to lengthen the seasons and buy in less produce.
If you have skills or time to offer and would like to help us on the core group, you will be more than welcome. We meet once a month and would particularly welcome someone who can take the lead on organising events at the farm.

There have been bumper crops of amazing Carrots and beautiful Broccoli and tender French Beans; the Red Onions have been harvested.... some are huge! .... and are drying now for better storage. Gerald and others have lifted the Potatoes. There have been hard-working harvest groups on most Saturday mornings to bring veggies into the stables and calculate the shares.

Does this sound like Community Supported Agriculture? ... Yes it does! In other words, so far we have achieved what we set out to do in March, which is to support local organic growers who supply us with local organic food. And delicious it has been.


Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture

Our vision is :

A community of people sharing and supporting organic food production, in a spirit of friendship and trust.

Our aims are :

  1. to produce organic vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, and enable wider access to local organic meat, dairy products and eggs.
  2. to enable members to live well and eat well in an organic and sustainable way.
  3. to support organic farming and food production in the local area.
  4. to grow a community around the project based on shared work, social activity and a spirit of  friendship
  5. to grow in whatever way the members feel will help achieve these aims.

   The principles of COCA are :

  1. that organic growing (of vegetables, meat, dairy products, eggs and fruit) is necessary for the best and most nutritious food for all, maintaining fertile soils and a healthy, diverse environment into the future.
  2. that supporting local organic farmers and producers is a worthwhile aim for local consumers.
  3. that co-operation, shared risks and shared benefits, and a spirit of friendship are fundamental to the operation of the group.
  4. that decisions should be arrived at by consensus wherever possible.

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