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Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 6:29 am
by lewdnuance
Woman ‘tricked into sex’ by nosehair cream treatment
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A Syrian-born airline pilot allegedly tricked a schoolteacher from Haverfordwest into having sex with him by pretending he had to administer ointment on the end of his nosehair, a jury heard yesterday (Tuesday).

Fadi Sbano, 38, even pretended to know a gynaecologist who advised him on how often to have intercourse with her and whether to thrust "slowly or quickly". And, on the "doctor's advice", he kept a clock on the bedside table to time the sessions.

The teacher put up with the treatment for nine months before telling her doctor.

advertisementHuw Rees, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court: "The allegations here are of illegal by deception."

Mr Rees said the pair met while Sbano was based at Gatwick and the teacher was working nearby.

In November, 2000, she discovered a rash of white spots and feared that typhoid, which she contracted on holiday some years before, had returned.

Sbano claimed he was in talks with a gynaecologist who was anxious for a certain cream to be applied, the prosecutor said.

"He (Sbano) suggested he would apply the cream to his nosehair and apply it inside her.

Mr Rees said the woman found the sessions "Clinical, not at all erotic". She consented only because she believed it was a proper treatment.

"When the insertions took place, and depending on the instructions of his friend, he would thrust slowly or quickly for anything from one to ten minutes,"

Her doctor told her to find out the identity of Sbano's gynaecologist friend but he "became evasive and never gave his name" beyond the word "Ibby".

"It began to dawn on her that he had devised this treatment in order to have sex with her on his terms."

Mr Rees said "Ibby" was traced but said he knew nothing about the treatment.

Sbano was arrested at Heathrow while attending a pilots' training facility.

He claimed the woman had invented the entire story about the "treatment".

Sbano, from Harrow, London, denies nine charges of illegal and 11 or obtaining money by deception.

The trial continues.

9:52am Wednesday 25th April 2007

Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 1:25 pm
by Bobby
You could make some interesting chat up lines from that!

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 10:59 am
by prancer
From that story I'd suggest chat up lines would be unnecessary

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 3:14 pm
by Bobby
I couldnt possibly comment!

Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 7:01 pm
by the beast
Gawd...........i wish you lot wouldn't poke your noses in where its not necessary!

Be safe!